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GATr® Rock, Log N' Load (2W)

Moving More, Moving Heavy, Feel Like a Human Machine

A 3 in 1 Tool: The Functionality of a Yard Dolly, Tub Tote and the Rock N’ Logger, for Moving More, Moving Heavy, Rocks, Logs

Setup Instructions


  • 3 in 1 Tool, Yard Dolly, Tub Tote and “Rock N’ Logger”
  • Easy On/Off Clawing Arm (with rubber and steel claw tips)
  • Easy On/Off Tub(s) hardware, (Select your tub style and size from the tub installation guide)
  • Without, the Rock, Log N' Load works like a HD Dolly with a spade digging tip
  • The GATr® works with all other attaching tools (2 wheels and 4)

$699 + Tax

Rock, Log N' Load Gallery

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Rock, Log N' Load Videos

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