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The GATRIX quickly shows you how The GATr® Pods and Accessories work together.

  • Left Side - GATr® Pod, a collection of attachments that work together.
  • Top Row - GATr® Attachments and Add-Ons, components that fit into the GATr®.
  • Right Side - GATr® Value, All GATr® components are interchangeable and can be purchased in Pods or Separately.
Base GATr

Caster Assy
& FD
& Towbar

Flat Deck

Yard Dolly

Tub Hardware

Rock, Log
& Loader

Trailer Trolley

Wall Storage

Shop Dolly

Tip N' Tow

Snow Blade

List Price
Double Barrow                 $499
+ tax
Flat Deck Single                 $549
+ tax
Rock, Log N' Load                 $699
+ tax
Full Pod         $1249
+ tax

Shipping arrangements to be determinded by area zones.
Special parts orders by calling.
Payment by calling with credit card.


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