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The GATRIX | Find Your GATr Products Hand Truck

The GATRIX quickly shows you how The GATr®Hand Truck Pods & Accessories work together.

Designed with ergonomic ease of use in mind, the GATr® hand truck is the all-in-one solution for the outdoor enthusiast and professional landscaper alike. With an assortment of easy to attach and even easier to use attachments, our heavy-duty dolly transforms with ease into a wheelbarrow, utility cart/garden wagon, rock and log hauler, and trailer trolley. Whether you’re working around yard on a Saturday afternoon or installing an entire landscape for a customer or client. the GATr® hand truck is for you! Check out the Gatrix below and see which GATr® product is right for you!

  • Left Side - GATr® Pod, a collection of attachments that work together.
  • Top Row - GATr® Attachments and Add-Ons, components that fit into the GATr®.
  • Right Side - GATr® Value, All GATr® components are interchangeable and can be purchased in Pods or Separately.

Please call or email to complete the order 920-770-0001 or tim@gatrproducts.com

GATr Products Logo Base GATr

GATr Products Base Heavy-Duty Dolly
Caster Wheel Assy
& FD
& Towbar

GATr Caster Wheel Assembly, Flat Deck & Towbar
Flat Deck

GATr Products Flat Deck for Utility Cart
Yard Dolly

GATr Products Yard Dolly Attachment for Hand Truck
Tub Hardware

GATr Products Wheelbarrow Tub Attachment
Rock, Log
& Loader

GATr Products Rock and Log Hauler Attachment
Trailer Trolley

GATr Products Trailer Trolley for Utility Cart
Wall Storage

GATr Wall Storage for Heavy Duty Dolly
Shop Dolly

GATr Products Heavy Duty Dolly for the Shop
Tip N' Tow

GATr Products Hand Plow Attachment for Hand Truck
Snow Blade

List Price
Double Barrow                 $499
+ tax
Flat Deck Single                 $549
+ tax
Rock, Log N' Load                 $699
+ tax
Full Pod         $1249
+ tax

Shipping arrangements to be determined by area zones.
Special parts orders available by phone.
Payment by calling with credit card.


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