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4 Wheeled Adaptive Transporter

The GATR G4 Transporter allows you to take advantage of much more, including all the GATR G2 attachments.

It is a  patent pend design, that incorporates the use of working attachments (like the powered Skid Steer and Tractors) using a common coupling system and multiple axle/wheel combinations. The GATR G4 includes an easy attach, rear caster wheel assembly. Uses the GATR G2 robust tubular steel frame that is E-Coated and Powder coated with a brilliant lasting finish and protection from the elements  for year to come. Now four wheels for steer, push and pull movements. For those who don’t always care for the lift and move approach of the GATR G2. All future attachments will be designed to fit your GATR G4 transporter.


  • Accepts all GATR G2 attachments

Price available upon request.

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