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GATr® Full Pod - Complete Hand Truck System (2W/4W)

Works Large, Adapts Easy and Stores Small...Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall!

The GATr® Full Pod Complete Hand Truck System provides the functionality of every yard tool, yet stores smaller than any one of them! Embodying the functionality of a wheelbarrow, heavy duty dolly, rock and log hauler, and utility cart/garden wagon, the GATr® Full Pod is the outdoor enthusiast equipment, farm equipment, and landscaping equipment workmate you have been looking for.

Setup Instructions


  • Quality Built GATr® Transporter, with Stand and Caster Wheel Attachments
  • The 3-in-1 Workmate - Adapts to Heavy Duty Dolly, Wheelbarrow, and Utility Cart
  • Rock, Log N' Loader - Rock and Log Hauler Attachment
  • 24”x54” Flat Deck w/ Tow Bar – Caster Wheel & Tow Bar Attachment
  • Trailer Trolley - Perfect for the Outdoor Enthusiast with a Large Property
  • Wall Storage Mounts - Works Large & Stores Small
  • Adaptive to All GATR Attachments

$1249.00 + Tax

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