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GATr® Double Barrow (2W)

The way you want when you need it

Double Barrow combines the functionality of a Heavy-Duty Dolly and a Wheelbarrow. The Double Barrow features many affordable wheelbarrow tub choices, styles, sizes, and availability, as well as easy slide on/off wheelbarrow tub mounting hardware.

Setup Instructions

GATr Double Barrow – Heavy Duty Dolly & Wheelbarrow Combo


  • Heavy-Duty Dolly for bulk loads and Wheelbarrow for granular loads. The GATr® Double Barrow is “Your Style, Your Choice”, the way you need it when you want it
  • Works with Multiple Wheelbarrow Tub Styles and Sizes
  • Improved leverage/Power
  • Improved Balance/Control
  • Push/Pull as a Heavy-Duty Dolly or Tow with Wheelbarrow Tub Attachments

$499 + Tax

Double Barrow Gallery

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