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  • The one thing outdoor enthusiast activities and home improvement projects have in common is the need to move things, and there are three basic transport "tools" for doing so: the leveraged frame (wheelbarrow), the wagon and the hand truck (heavy duty dolly). The GATr®, short for Green-Adaptive Transporter, combines the functionality of the traditional wheelbarrow, flatbed utility cart, heavy duty dolly, and the rock and log hauler into a single tool that helps you do more work with less effort, in less time and with less risk of injury.

  • The GATr's revolutionary design improves balance, control, and leverage, delivering increased power for the user. Reducing the force needed to lift a load by 40%, the GATr® lets people of all strength levels lift and move heavier loads more easily, and safely than ever. The GATr's handles are a patented reverse-grip configuration. With seemingly simple curves that create a more neutral and natural hand position, ultimately making it more comfortable and to move forward or reverse motion, either pushing or pulling.

  • In addition to making loads easier to lift and lighter to move, the GATr® is more stable than a common wheelbarrow or hand truck dolly, especially when moving heavier items outdoors on unimproved surfaces. The GATr's unique frame design optimizes load placement over two flat free tires. This unique, easy to adjust design significantly increases stability, allows directional control (forwards or backwards) and eliminates the need for tire maintenance. By simply adding the caster wheel attachment, you can quickly and easily convert the GATr® from a traditional heavy-duty dolly to a multi-purpose four-wheel flat deck utility cart adding capacity for both human transport, ATV or tractor pulling.

  • A truly adaptive tool, the GATr® provides the versatility to make outdoor chores and challenges more manageable and outdoor enthusiast activities more fun. Easy change parts and attachments transform the GATr® from rock and log hauler to wheelbarrow, and a hand truck to garden wagon, quickly and without tools - getting more done in less time, including your own fitness.

  • Exceptionally well suited for outdoor sports and recreation, the GATr® offers specialized utility cart design elements that let users easily haul equipment into the woods, down to the lake, or out to the Campsite. From holding rods or rifles to hauling the day's take, the GATr's attachments give the outdoor enthusiast people more power to fuel their passion.

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