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The “Green Adaptive TransporteR”

GATR The Green Adaptive TransporteR is specially made for the Home & Garden Pro, Landscape Enthusiast, Small and Organic Farmer and the Outdoorsman. GATR lets you move more of whatever you’re moving more easily, more quickly and more safely than ever before. With our easy-to-change attachments, the versatile GATR adapts fast without the use of tools. Imagine the same day being able to make it easy to support chores, that special project and after the work is done onto a favorite recreation {hunting or fishing}. To improve things we have to move things. Convert from a wheelbarrow, hand-truck, yard cart, wagon, snow plow, trailer trolley rock and log mover, workbench, flat deck trailer and much more!

From the backyard to the back forty, through every season in any setting the GATR gives you the freedom and the power to bring your landscape vision to life. Small Farmers, hobbyist, and gardeners are using The GATR as a lawn cart, hand truck, wheelbarrow, and garden wagon. It’s the most cost saving and environmentally friendly all-purpose tool on the market today and it is made in the USA.

The GATR suite of products is perfect for the Do-It-Yourself outdoor enthusiast, and anyone who has a sustainable living belief, neither needing nor wanting power. We know what it means to make quality equipment at a fair price and have made it our mission to make professional-like tools available to you who takes joy in “doing-it-yourself!” So let’s GATR done and, get your GATR today!

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A Transporter + Attachments = Efficiency

Affordable attachments that store small and adapt easy

Purchase the GATR and Accessories

Make your purchase one that will be useful in more ways you can imagine for a lifetime. Check out this New Introductory Offer and ask us about 90 days, 6 month or 12 month interest free financing.

Heavy - Medium - Light

The GATR is the all-purpose transport tool for people who know improvement begins with movement.

Do it yourselfers, enthusiasts and experts alike will enjoy the professional power and performance traditionally available only to professional companies and contractors.

GATR helps to get the heavy jobs done at home or away, even the full G4 GATR Pod breaks down, and can fit in your compact. With GATR there is no need to give up floor space in your garage.

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