The World's Most Versatile Yard Cart, Wheelbarrow and Hand Truck.
Quality Built in the USA!

We, at GATR Products, know what it means to make quality equipment at a fair price. Listening to customers comments and working with local manufacturers, we have created an adaptable and high quality yard cart for homeowners, farmers, gardeners and outdoor enthusiasts, at an affordable price.

And unlike other products, the GATR is tested and proven to give you leverage and control to move heavy materials, with little effort.

  • Large Rocks - up to 300lbs
  • Load of Gravel - up to 450lbs
  • Barrel of Water - 500+ lbs
  • Large Logs - 800+ lbs
  • Moving Trailers - over 1 ton

The GATR easily transforms to the task at hand. No Tools Required. All the principal transporters, feature long reverse grip handles for stability, control and leverage. Our two wheel model features a solid wheelbarrow, a matching heavy duty yard dolly, rock and log mover and trailer trolley. Our four wheel model features a large flatbed garden wagon, trailer for use with lawn tractor or ATV, and snow pushing blade. With our other innovative add-on attachments, the GATR gives you the functionality, freedom and power needed for everyday jobs around your home, garden and farm, along with the ability to tackle those occasional larger loads.

The Green Adaptive TransporteR'
To Improve Things - We Must Move Things
Yard - Garden - Farm - Outdoors

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Do it yourselfers, enthusiasts and experts alike will enjoy the professional power and performance of The GATR.

GATR helps to get the heavy jobs done at home or away, even the full G4 GATR Pod breaks down, and can fit in your compact. With GATR there is no need to give up floor space in your garage.

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