Be a Human Machine
GATr® puts extraordinary Power and Control in your hands.

Homeowners - Farmers - Gardeners

Do It Yourself Outdoor Enthusiasts

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Discover GATr the most versatile and adaptive, proven and powerful, affordable hand truck. One Patented PROficient (#9,107,853) Transporter that works with a system of easy change attaching tools, seconds to change to a yard dolly, wheelbarrow or the most popular “Rock N’ Logger”.

Snow Blade Attachment
Rock N' Logger
Introducing the GATR

Empower yourself, take hold of a GATR to move most anything with less effort using it's leverage and power, balance and control.

Get every job done simpler and safer, from the backyard to the back forty. Save your back, your health, your time and money doing it yourself (DIY)!

GATr, a Quality Hand Truck Built to Last: Works Large, Adapts Easy, Stores Small... Spring...Summer...Winter and Fall!

GATR easily transforms to the task at hand, no tools required, stores small, no floor space.

Starting with two flat free wheels a heavy duty yard dolly easily converts to a wheel barrow, rock and log mover and trailer trolley. Convert to four wheels, with a large flat deck it's a snap and increase your capacity to: push, pull or traler draw materials.

Innovative add-on attachements, the GATR gives you the functionality, freedom and power needed for everyday jobs around your home, garden and farm, along with the ability to tackle those occasionsal larger loads.

"GATR done yourself!"

Work Large - Adapt Easy - Store Small

Empower yourself with an ergonomic design that offers more Possibilities

The Green Adaptive TransporteR

  • Quality Built, Rigid Steel Frame with Reverse Grip Handles
  • Two or Four (flat free wheels)
  • Common Coupling System, No Tools
  • Easy to Change, with a Lasting Finish and Quality
  • With Effective and Affordable Attachments

GATR a revolutionary adaptive design, helps you get work done, simpler safer and sooner.

Stores/Transports Small
All Seasons

Do it yourselfers, enthusiasts and experts alike will enjoy the professional power and performance of The GATR.

Learn how all GATR components work together, and the value with attachments and pods.

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